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Ned Konz ned at
Mon Apr 1 03:38:36 UTC 2002

On Sunday 31 March 2002 07:08 pm, David Chase wrote:
> What's with the scripting area?  I'm playing with 3.0final,
> 2 processor PC, Win 2k sp2.  I've been clicking on the
> scripting-area thing in the "tools", dragging left, and
> it just sits there unresponsive, unmoveable, un-anything.
> It did this before, but I thought I had messed something
> up with all my poking and clicking, so I started fresh.
> I thought this was where I was supposed to go and play.
> What am I missing?
> David Chase

I haven't been able to figure out what that's for either. Perhaps one of the 
eToy experts here could help. But my impressions so far:

Basically, it's the same kind of thing as the World itself. I _think_ (though 
am not sure) that it doesn't really provide any capabilities that you _need_ 
for scripting. Though you can collapse the whole thing, size it, or move it 
about. This may be useful for you. Scripting is just as easy without it. I'd 
explore scripting without using it (I'd use a new Project instead for 
organizing related Morphs and their scripts). Maybe Alan or Ted could explain 
what it's for.

You can drag it around using the Morph halos (right button or Alt/click or 
Cmd/click). Or when the halos are up (you can alt/drag or right-button drag).

Depending on your VM preferences, the right/middle buttons may be swapped 
(see the Windows Window (system?) menu at the top left of the Squeak window 

Any Morph can have its halo brought up this way. The various handles 
(buttons) in the halo do different things. One of them (the light blue 
eyeball) brings up a viewer on the Morph, which is the entry to the scripting.

Others bring up menus, delete the Morph, rotate it, etc.

One of them (the orange rectangle one) gives you a tile that you can use in 
scripts to refer to that Morph (from other Morphs' scripts).

And, of course, the World itself is a Morph; you can bring up a viewer on it 
as well.

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