No Background?

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Mon Apr 1 20:58:25 UTC 2002

Thank you.  That gets me a step closer, now, the question still stands if I
can make the world background transparent?  I want to be able to see and/or
interact with things 'behind' the squeak environment, to turn off the
background and ScreenController, and just have what I want out there.  Is
that possible with squeak as it stands now?


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On Monday 01 April 2002 10:42 am, Malachi Clark wrote:
> Hello all,
> 	I am new to squeak, so pardon me if this seems like a stupid question.  I
> am trying to find out if it is possible to remove the world background (at
> least visually).  Essentially, I am trying to see if it is possible in a
> 'bulletproofed' stand-alone application, to remove the background (and
> disable programming, thru 'bulletproofing'), and at the same time leave a
> morph (and its submorphs) visible, and able to be interacted with.
> Obviously, the functions of the main background, like for example, the "X"
> in the upper right hand corner of the windows version, would have to be
> replicated in the morph.  I assume that is the easy part, but I could be
> wrong.  If that assumption is wrong, please let me know.  Is there any way
> to do this?

If by this you mean to make the windowing system's titlebar, etc. disappear,
try this:

ScreenController new fullScreenOn

and to turn it off:

ScreenController new fullScreenOff

This is also available from the button that says "Escape Browser" in the
Navigator flap.

Ned Konz
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