How to force AcceptableCleanTextMorph to accept for each character typed?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Mon Apr 1 22:46:50 UTC 2002


The type-in pane of the "Objects Tool" (seen when its "find" tab is 
selected) had a similar need.  Check out ObjectsTool.newSearchPane to 
see how it does it.


   -- Scott

At 3:19 PM -0700 4/1/02, Ken G. Brown wrote:
>I would like to have one of my AcceptableCleanTextMorphs pass characters
>through to the #accept method as characters are typed, a character at a
>time. What would the best way to accomplish that?
>#hasUnacceptedEdits might do it I suspect but how? Where would I need to do
>the check?
>Perhaps AcceptableCleanTextMorph is not the right way to address the
>problem. Basically I need a small command window that immediately sends
>characters when typed.
>Thx for any help.
>Ken Brown

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