Why can't I do (aNonSmallInteger becomeFoward: aSmallInteger)?

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 2 05:28:51 UTC 2002

Tim Rowledge wrote:
> That would be kind of nice. I wonder if we could persuade the
> 'implementors of' code to add the appropriate method to the menu?

Well the basic part is simple enough; some extra is needed to compensate
for the name munging used in TestInterpreterPlugin and its subclasses.
See attached.

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'From Squeak3.2gamma of 24 January 2002 [latest update: #4743] on 1 April 2002 at 9:25:13 pm'!
"Change Set:		namedprimfinder
Date:			1 April 2002
Author:			tim at sumeru.stanford.edu

Extremely quick hack to add the name of a primitive called by a method to the list used by implementors and senders.

It doesn't attempt to deal with FFI calls, nor does it work well with primitives defined in subclasses of TestInterpreterPlugin  - their names are munged in such a way as to confuse things. I expect somebody can work out a way around this. Still, it does work for 'ordinary' prims, which is a start"!

!CompiledMethod methodsFor: 'scanning' stamp: 'tpr 4/1/2002 21:16'!
	"Answer a Set of all the message selectors sent by this method."
	| scanner aSet prim |
	aSet _ Set new.
	scanner _ InstructionStream on: self.
		scanFor: [:x | 
			scanner addSelectorTo: aSet.
			"keep scanning"].
	prim _ self primitive.
	(prim > 0
			and: [(prim between: 255 and: 519) not])
		ifTrue: [prim = 117
				ifTrue: [aSet add: (self literalAt: 1) second]
				ifFalse: [aSet add: (Interpreter primitiveTable at: prim + 1)]].
	^ aSet! !

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