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Tue Apr 2 13:49:04 UTC 2002

googling for "sqfixes wiebe baron" (info from ned konz's message) will eventually lead you to ""

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Malachi Clark wrote:
> Sounds Great!  Any idea where I can find that changeset?
> Malchi
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> At Monday, 1 April 2002, you wrote:
> >Thank you.  That gets me a step closer, now, the question still
> stands if I
> >can make the world background transparent?  I want to be able to
> see and/or
> >interact with things 'behind' the squeak environment, to turn off the
> >background and ScreenController, and just have what I want out there.
> Is
> >that possible with squeak as it stands now?
> Malachi,
> I'm pretty certain someone posted a change set back in late 2000/early
> 2001 that did just that -- it turned the background transparent,
> so Squeak windows (morphs) show up looking like they are OS windows.
> They don't show up in the task list of course, but you can see and
> manipulate stuff behind the windows...
> Later,
> Jon
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