Fixed limits in the image. (was Re: ...)

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Tue Apr 2 19:20:57 UTC 2002

>Hi Scott, Hi John, Hi Dan,
>	Sorry, I couldn't get back to you all sooner. I have been a bit
>busy putting a final touch on my 'double clickable'. More
>details in another message, though.
>	Thanks for your enlightments. At John's suggestion and to give
>Scott a toy to play in his optimisation effort, I made it configurable
>from the initialisation file 'SqM.ini' the following parameters:
>(lines with ';;' at the front are commented out).
>;;  Was 4097 Now Default: 8192

Well I was thinking more of changes to

So you can change the values on the fly, versus having to recompile 
the VM each time you want to change the size of these arrays. Just 
malloc a new array and take what action is required to move things 
over from the old array if needbe.

Also remembering highwater marks that you could access via 
SystemDictionary>>vmParameterAt: might be a useful thing.

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