Apple hyping java...

ducasse ducasse at
Wed Apr 3 07:49:45 UTC 2002

You are right. This is not bec ause morphic seems cool and intuitive that
they are.
Now the next question is when will we have a new small and beautiful Morph
kernel and widgets? I'm **extremely bad** at interface but I think that this
is definitively a project that would be urgent to have.
So if a couple of moprh experts fanatic could think about that this would be
great. (Morph is 1000 methods is still plain bad).

> From: John Hinsley [mailto:johnhinsley at]
>> Oddly, I think the main issue with Squeak is a mind set thing
> Maybe, but I was a VisualWorks developer for a few years so Smalltalk
> isn't exactly new to me.  My earlier statement about Squeak not being a
> production environment stands.
> The UI is weird and IMHO, difficult to work with.  It lacks a well
> written set of out of the box UI widgets like those found in most
> platform toolkits.  Many are there - but they are not easy to use.
> Getting decent expansion behavior seems harder than it ought to be. I
> spent a few weeks playing, trying to customize the look of Scamper's
> button bar and found little changes caused all sorts of weird layout
> issues.  To Java's credit, the layout managers in Swing are relatively
> easy to use by comparison.
>> I think this is the main problem: you're approaching Squeak as an
> expert (and,
>> to be sure, someone far more experienced than me). Maybe you could try
>> approaching it like a child.
> I've tried that too.  Squeak is a major sensory overload on first
> encounter.  Squeak reminds me a bit of my first skydive, exhilarating, a
> trifle frightening, great fun, but a bit more than I can cope with all
> at once on my own. Too much is revealed initially.  Its an astonishingly
> intimidating environment, largely due to its initial volume I think.
> Todd Blanchard

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