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Bergel Alexandre bergel at iam.unibe.ch
Wed Apr 3 11:44:17 UTC 2002

As Marcus Denker (author of the jit port for intel) said, the bytecode seems to be necessary. Actually, jit work with a kind of bytecode-decompiling. It is necessary to decompile the code for having a higher representation in order to being able to perform optimisations. Why not to treat smalltalk application as a kind of AST ? From AST it is possible to extract native code (by jit processing) at run-time.

By the way, for games, I think a good way is to use SDL Squeak plugin and to run squeak without the mainframe.


On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 12:10:36PM +0100, Henrik Gedenryd wrote:
> PhiHo Hoang wrote:
> > Just imagine, with a CompilerPlugin, ModManPlugin will just grab
> > FreeCell.st, throws it at CompilerPlugin which will compile it (into
> > bytecode) then throw it at ObjectMemoryPlugin which tries to stuff it
> > into ObjectMemory and 'discovers' that something is missing, it will
> > bark at ModManPlugin, somehow ModManPlugin will try to resolve what is
> > missing and try to pull it from the net.
> Why don't you just throw it at the Squeak compiler in Squeak instead?
> I mean, what ya' gonna do with the bytecodes anyway, you'll need an image to
> run them, right?
> Henrik

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