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Dan Ingalls Dan at
Wed Apr 3 17:06:56 UTC 2002

Folks -

I just wanted to reinforce Alan Knight's reminder that the Smalltalk Solutions conference ( is coming up very soon (the 21st-24th). I won't be able to attend this year, but I hope there will be lots of Squeakers out for the show. Michael Rueger will be there from SqC, speaking about the Squeakland effort and helping to organize a BOF, and I know that there will be other Squeakers there speaking or attending.

In addition to Michael's talk, Anthony Lander will be presenting -- he's done some quite neat stuff with Wilf Lalonde, running an ultra-stripped-down image for video games, where the image doesn't have e.g. a browser, but you can browse it from an outside image and just call the Squeak primitives as C calls to get the information you need to browse, debug, inspect, etc.  Also John McIntosh will be talking on garbage collection.  While I'm not sure what Maurice Rabb has been up to recently, I notice he's going to be there, too.

If I could make it I would go just to hear Vassili Bykov talk on his "Hobbes" work, where he implemented ST-80 on top of VW in four days, including an emulation of the Alto file system.  I had a chance to see it in action once, and it is truly amazing -- a completely usable Smalltalk running in emulation!

Anyway, it should be a good gathering, and I encourage anyone who was waffling about it to go along and speak, squeak, or just have a good time.

	- Dan

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