how to mix scripting with coding?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Wed Apr 3 18:37:28 UTC 2002

Hi, Volker,

If you want the textual source you have modified and accepted in a 
Scriptor to prevail, leave that Scriptor in textual-source mode, 
don't switch it back to tiles.

If you subsequently switch a Scriptor back to tiles mode, the last 
tiles code gets reinstalled and your textual changes will be lost.

Starting with update 4815, you're given a warning and a chance to 
change your mind in such a situation.  Update 4815 applies equally to 
3.3a and 3.2g, but perhaps has not yet been externalized to the 
public servers.

If this reply is not directly addressing your concerns, please write 
again with further clarification.


   -- Scott

At 4:06 PM +0100 4/3/02, Volker Nitsch wrote:
>Hi all. Now i have this wonderfull etoy-car running,
>and can switch to source-code, but not change there
>(scripting-box overwrites).
>how can i mix scripting with coding?

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