I can't create a category

Ken Causey ken at ineffable.com
Wed Apr 3 19:35:39 UTC 2002

I feel stupid asking this because I'm sure I've already seen it answered
on the list, but oddly searching the wiki, google, and the yahoo groups
archive for "You cant do it this way with modules" and get no results. 
As you may have guessed I'm trying to add a category in 3.3a in the
Package browser.  I might suggest that this error could really be more
helpful or the 'add item' menu selection could be a bit more useful. 
I've spent a fair amount of time today looking through minnow's Module
documentation to no avail.  I'm sure this is great documentation if you
have more experience with Squeak and Smalltalk than I do, but it leaves
a little to be desired for someone who has read the white book, a
smalltalk book or two, played with previous versions of Squeak off and
on, but has yet to do any serious coding with Squeak.


Ken Causey

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