HV intro (was Re: Squeak SSP-- huh?)

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Thu Apr 4 19:47:58 UTC 2002

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Nevin Pratt wrote:

> >Hmm.  By the same logic, Squeak should abandon Morphic and move to the
> >VisualWorks UI framework.
> >
> I agree with Tim, simply because he added the qualifier "as much as
> possible" (whatever that means) :-)

Well, and since I've been suggesting to you off list that we could emulate
what you need from SSP in Seaside, you know that I basically agree as
well. ;-)  But I really do think that the "as much as possible" is a lot
closer to the Comanche layer, than to the higher level frameworks.

For example, Seaside does not have meaningful URLs, stateless operation,
or arbitrary character-level munging of HTML.  Now, for a lot of purposes,
giving these things up is perfectly reasonable for everything you get in
return.  But if you're building a non-transactional, non-sessioned, mostly
static site that needed to be heavily bookmarked, SSP would make far more
sense than trying to graft those features onto Seaside.  I think there are
some fundamental divisions in approach to web development (like
stateful/stateless) that don't necessarily want to be unified.

(Marcel, feel free to jump in here with your micro-transactions that do
exactly that ;-)

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