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Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 4 22:40:30 UTC 2002

> a bytecode translator and native method cache which fit into the L2 cache of the
> machine 
<minor rant>Without in any way intending to bash on hmm, this mercilessly cut phrase, taken out of the context of the original intent, reminds me ofa little peeve of mine. I often seem to see people espousing the idea that we can 'make the vm fit into the cache' or 'if we get the method lookup table to fint the cache' as if it is possible to get a specific chunk of memory into a typical cache and lock it there. T'ain't so, at least not typically. Caches do their own thing according to some hardware decisions (which occasionally include allowing some software input) made years ago when your cpu was being designed. Often caches use virtual addresses, or load groups of memory addresses, or get messed up by those pesky interrupt handlers.. all sorts of thing happen to make pretty sure you don't get your application or even a recognisable portion of it into any cache at any particular time. Now a writable control store is a horse of a different kettle altogether. Don't see many of them about these days.
</minor rant>

> We (Georg Heeg, Michael Rueger, yours truly and some people whose names escape me
> at the moment) ported PS to the PCS Cadmus UNIX workstation and to the Atari Mega
> ST, which was a fun project in itself, and really usable for quite some stuff :-)
Oh, yeh, great graphics performance for the day. IIRC it was the only machine able to beat my self-compiling bitblt on the early Acorn machines. Fun days.


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