Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Thu Apr 4 23:12:00 UTC 2002

At 5:47 PM -0500 4/4/02, Cheryl Denise Seals wrote:
>Hi Squeakers,
>I just joined the list today so I am not familiar with the discourse, but
>I have a couple of questions and if you can think of someone specifically
>that I should ask instead of the list just let me know...

Hello, Cheryl, and welcome!

>In Morphic Scripting Area, I 'm trying to create sketch morphs that
>will move forward until they hit the right boundary of a playground and then
>reappear on the left boundary. Is it currently supported or do I need to
>code it?
>I'm running Squeak3.0 on NT, but ordered an iBook and will hopefully be
>running 3.2 beta or gamma this weekend.
>>>I tried the wrap command but it doesn't appear to be the kind of wrap I
>expected. My playground is currently fence enabled

The "wrap" command is indeed what you want, and it does work (I just 
checked,) but it won't work correctly if you have the "fence" enabled 
-- they offer two different and competing theories for what to do 
when an object hits its container's boundary, and the fence always 
wins.  Try disabling the fence.


   -- Scott

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