HV intro (was Re: Squeak SSP-- huh?)

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Fri Apr 5 07:49:12 UTC 2002

As Avi explained the three (and there are surely more) tools discussed
are quite different and have come about for different reasons. I built
HV since I don't like JSP/SSP etc., think the Swiki is horrendous and
didn't find anything for Squeak that did what I needed.

When I released my first teaser Avi responded with Seaside which he had
been working on and I didn't know about. If I had known about Seaside I
might have never created HV, BUT... there are still differences between

HV is a much smaller framework with much less ambition. On the other
hand it might appeal to those that like that. I think it also can handle
the examples Avi mentioned (statelessness, urls etc).

So... I agree "in principal" that collaboration is good. But this
discussion is (or has turned out to be) trying to establish differences
and similarities and doing quite a good job of it too I think.

So... I don't know enough about SSP - to me it sounds as it might be
quite easily integrated in Seaside. Stephen and Avi will have to sort
that out!

And then I might be starting to use Seaside for some things - but HV
will probably still be "good" to have in some situations. I will pack it
up and post a new version Very Soon Now. And as I said earlier I would
like it to be included as an "add on" in Comanche so that people can use
Comanche "out of the box" for very simple small apps etc.

In short - HV has a different agenda. But perhaps SSP and Seaside (and
all that other good stuff with FASTCGI that somebody has built at
smalltalk.org (?)) could be "merged together".

PS. One of the reasons we aren't as good at collaboration in the Squeak
community might be the absence of something like CVS... DS

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