X11 Unix squeak on B&W displays

Bruce O'Neel beoneel at bluewin.ch
Fri Apr 5 11:50:45 UTC 2002


After a bit of work, I have NetBSD running on my old 68k powerbook.
Ian's Squeak-3.1beta-4478-src.tar.gz builds and runs just fine (well,
for carefully selected definitions of fine), as long as I send the
display to another system because NetBSD on my hardware only supports
B&W.  I can see in sqXWindow.c in SetUpPixmap where the visual class
is checked and then errors when it is B&W.

How hard would it be to make X11 B&W displays work?  Is this really
impossible, or, is it pretty easy (ie copy the code for PseudoColor
say).  My X11 knowledge is somewhat less than 0 here though weighting
down my desk are three thick O'Reilly X11 books just waiting to be



p.s.  It's a mental illness :-)

Of course it runs NetBSD

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