[Q] [Morphic] Multiple Selections in PluggableListMorph?

Joern Eyrich Joern.Eyrich at syngenio.de
Fri Apr 5 15:16:23 UTC 2002

mmm, but a Change*Sorter* is different from a Change*List*. My ChangeSorters also don't use multiple selection.

As I said, in my images (3.2g-4743,3.3a-4798), ChangeList seems to be the only user (via "class refs") of PluggableListMorphOfMany.

"Ken G. Brown" wrote:
> Something seems amiss. If I open a ChangeSorter, in the upper left
> pane, no matter what I do, I can't get the highlighting to extend
> more than one item. At the moment this is with 3.3a-4816 on Mac
> Squeak 3.2.6Beta8.app VM. I was also seeing this at work on W2000,
> 3.3a-4816. Will check further when I get in.
> Ken

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