Personal Dynamic Media Article

John.Maloney at John.Maloney at
Fri Apr 5 18:46:47 UTC 2002


This is fantastic! Thanks a lot for scanning this, and sacrificing your binding
in the process. Some of the pictures didn't scan too well, but it's great to have
this report available in any form at all. Yay!

	-- John

At 7:52 AM -0800 4/5/02, Jerry Bell wrote:
>Well, I don't have that one, but I do have a Xerox PARC Orange Book (well,
>it >looks< orange) entitled Personal Dynamic Media.  It's stamped (c) 1976
>in the front cover and is the greatest find my wife has made on Ebay to
>I've been meaning to scan and post it for some time now.  I was afraid to
>scan it for fear that it would come unbound.  Well, I went ahead and scanned
>it this morning, and it did indeed unbind :( - but I guess I can always get
>it professionally rebound.  
>I just happen to be testing a new T1 line here, so I'm going to temporarily
>make a PDF of the book available at - in a few
>days I'll move it to a more permanent home on  Please let
>me know if anyone has any problems accessing it. 
>This is a really great little book and I'm sure that just about every
>Squeaker out there will be interested in seeing it.  

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