*****SPAM***** Re: [Q] [Morphic] Multiple Selections inPluggableListMorph?

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Fri Apr 5 19:56:58 UTC 2002

Ken Causey wrote:

> Are you aware that your mail server is listed in databases as an open
> relay and spam source?  I would recommend that you try to get this
> fixed.

Kundenserver/Puretec/1&1/Schlund is a big hoster in Germany. They have in the past allowed use of
their relays when the sender just used a domain name hosted by them. The intention was obviously to
allow small businesses with only dialup IP connections to send mail from their domain by using
kundenserver as their SMTP relay host.
For some time now, they have SMTP service which is run properly (with SMTP AUTH), but they are unable
or unwilling to convince their customers to fully switch to their service. I'd recommed using the
protected servers, then Joern's mail will come out clean. AFAIK only the 'open' relays at
kundenserver.de are listed, not the protected ones.


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