A (hopefully) Commercial Squeak App

Martin McClure martin at hand2mouse.com
Sat Apr 6 00:50:22 UTC 2002

At 3:22 PM -0800 4/5/02, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>Folks -
>If you want a peek at what I've been doing in my spare time for the 
>last couple of months (with help from Ted Kaehler and Mike Rueger) 
>check out the following link:
>	http://weatherdimensions.com/truckee-current.html
>It's a "picture" of the weather in Truckee, posted each hour.

This looks pretty neat! I hope the "commercial" part works out well.


P.S. This got me thinking about how to detect how cloudy it is using 
modern off-the-shelf hardware...

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