[SqF]Report of VI4 Project for Apr '02

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 6 00:53:26 UTC 2002

Second report - Fri, 5th April 2002

The initial report sparked some interesting duscussions on multiple
tag-bits (to allow multiple immediate object classes) and extra
hash-bits in the
object headers. The tag-bit changes were not generally considered
particularly interesting but the hash-bits seem to have some value. Also discussed
was an immutable-bit that would make objects read-only or at least
read-trap. No conclusions have been reached yet.

The Hannan BlockClosure work seems to have settled down after the
inevitable initial flurry of bug reports and now needs a careful review to
evaluate for inclusion. It looks very promising so far.

No other progress to report this time. More soon with luck.

ChairSophont, VI4 project.
Loop: See Loop.

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