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PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at rogers.com
Sat Apr 6 01:55:41 UTC 2002

Lex Spoon wrote:

>> But, how do I suppose to compare her to the "image for a '3 + 4' 
>> (was it less than 10K ?)" ? Did I miss something ?

> If your interest is in distributing an easy-to-install application, 

	Not exactly. No, that's not my main interest ;-)

> then what is the point of having a tiny image?  

	Because I love Min4th :-). Just for your ears only, Linux sucks,
Minix rules, but when I have time to port SqM to Minix, I like to shrink
Minix back to where it was originally. ;-)
	Seriously, tiny image is the way to leave the kitchen sink home
when we bring Julia to Comdex.

> If you really want to help the distribution of applications to
non-Squeak people, 
> then working on the distribution scripts on the above page seems more

> For what it's worth, the image for Julia Explorer is around 7

	Wow, only 7 meg. for Julia :-). 
	I wonder how big would a DOS Julia be ?

	Do you think Julia + SqM can compete with a DOS Julia on size
and speed ?
	If not, how would you plan to market it ;-)

	I know, tell the customer that it's written in Squeak ;-)
	And the kitchen sink is just an introductory bonus, no charge
this time.

	Next time, when it's time to update, 2 kitchen sinks will be
free of charge.
	(one in the new new verion of the image with the new version of
Julia and one in the new old image with a new version of Julia ;-).

> I made no effort to shrink it, and don't really see the point.  

	I see. Little things will lead to bigger things.

> Now, minimal images are *elegant*, and elegance is its own reward.  :)

	Now you see it ;-)

	Actually, elegance is just a by product. 
	'Doing it right' is the main thing.

> But actually sending people a nice program you have written is also a
nice reward!

	Together with a kitchen sink ;-)



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