PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at rogers.com
Sat Apr 6 02:50:16 UTC 2002

Hi Martin,

> I've followed the instruccions in the readme, and the later ones
posted on this list. 
> That is: (besides extracting the files of course)
> * I've associated .st with SqM.exe
> * I added the Win32OSPluggin.dll sent to the list.
> * I let it download the "necesary" files.

> Then I restarted the PC. 

> Double clicked on "FreeCell.st". 
> And it still asks me to select an image, then it opens Squeak and

> Could someone point out what am I doing wrong please?

	Sorry, you should have waited until WinOS32Plugin restarted the

	Failing that, now you can click on the Squeak desktop, a menu
will come up, you will see 'object (o)'.

	Then selelect 'object (o)', another thingy will open up, in
there you will see 'Games'.

	Click on this 'Games' thingy, you will see another thingy with
'FreeCell' thingy in it.

	Click and drag this 'FreeCell' thingy, then you are now rewarded
with a FreeCell game.

	Hope this help.



	P.S: I hope you are not turning the table on me ;-). Seriuosly,
the 'double clickable FreeCell' was meant as a joke on April 1. If you
were really confused, I am sorry.

	We are not really there yet. I really hope that next version
released April 01 2003 will be a real one (after I received an
implementation for a CompilerPlugin or a Squeak stand alone
SqueakCompiler ;-)

	And for now would some one more knowledgable with the Morphic
terminology please fill me in with all these different thingies. Your
help is appreciated.

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