Writing games in Squeak Re: Smalltalk Solutions

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Apr 6 19:37:23 UTC 2002

David Farber <dfarber at numenor.com> wrote:

> The biggest single problem that I see is the inability to control the
> Squeak OS window from inside the image. 

The window size is saved in the image.  So if you resize the window and
then save, then it will be the right size when you restart.  This is a
beginning towa0rd what you request: it still doesn't handle the fixed
sizedness that you talk about.

There is also a resizing primitive that you can call from the image, but
I don't know how widely implemented it is.  You could use this primitive
to resize the window whenever a pesky user has overriden your choice.


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