Mac VM 3.2.X

Brian T. Rice water at
Sun Apr 7 04:45:23 UTC 2002

Hi Alain,

On Saturday, April 6, 2002, at 11:34 AM, Alain Fischer wrote:
> 2) Embeding in the resource bundle.
> It could be fine if squeak.image is searched first in the resource path 
> of the bundle
> with the function CFBundleCopyRessourceURL.
> The candidates files that could be included in resource could be:
> Squeak.image
> Squeak.changes (only for development)
> SqueakV3.sources (only for development)
> mpeg3Plugin.bundle
> SqueakFFIPrims.bundle
> Like that we could have a one file Squeak application .

I thought this was possible already, though I haven't tried it yet. Yes, 
it'd definitely be useful.

> 3) headless squeak
> There seem that the Mac VM has no headless mode. This could be usefull 
> for
> Squeak server applications like Swiki or Seaside. If we have this 
> possibility,
> we could start Squeak with a script in /library/StartupItems.
> How many of you are interested in these changes ?

I'd be really interested in this, especially for working towards the 
Modular Squeak Image upgrading in 3.3: then I could run squeak as a good 
old BSD network daemon under OS X. :)


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