Mac VM 3.2.X

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sun Apr 7 06:12:02 UTC 2002

Contributions to the mac VM are always welcome. All the source code 
is on sourceforge.

>Some propositions of enhancement for the Carbon Mac VM 3.2.X
>1) VM version
>The VM version returned by "Smalltalk getSystemAttribute: 1004" or
>written in SqueakDebug.log is not up-to-date:
>('Squeak3.1alpha of 7 March 2001 [latest update: #4347]').
>Perhaps we can use the function CFBundleGetValueForInfoDictionaryKey
>with one of the following key: CFBundleGetInfoString, 
>or CFBundleVersion for the main bundle.

You should pull the current information, plus append the CFBundleGetInfoString
nice to do the same for the classic version, get vers resource.

>2) Embeding in the resource bundle.
>It could be fine if squeak.image is searched first in the resource 
>path of the bundle
>with the function CFBundleCopyRessourceURL.
>The candidates files that could be included in resource could be:
>Squeak.changes (only for development)
>SqueakV3.sources (only for development)
>Like that we could have a one file Squeak application .

This could be done too, but also consider hunting down the range of 
folders (app,app directory,user,network,system) for bundles. Note 
There is a bit of concern here because at startup time it takes time 
to resolve all this searching for bundles as we hunt for possible 
plugins/bundles. So beware you're not increasing startup time.

>3) headless squeak
>There seem that the Mac VM has no headless mode. This could be usefull for
>Squeak server applications like Swiki or Seaside. If we have this possibility,
>we could start Squeak with a script in /library/StartupItems.
>How many of you are interested in these changes ?

There is an old HEADLESS ifdef. But I might suggest what if you used 
the Unix version as headless?

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