Notes from a Newbie

Charles Hixson charleshixsn at
Sat Apr 6 21:14:38 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 02 April 2002 17:46, you wrote:
> On Saturday, March 30, 2002, at 01:08 PM, Serg Koren wrote:
> > ... That
> said, we could always use some better beginner documentation. ideally
> put from the perspective of the newbie.  Perhaps Serg will undertake the
> journey and contribute the same.

Well, yes, but...
The Windows install works fine, at least on Win95, but I never did get the 
tarball install working on Linux... kept missing libraries that I couldn't 
find.  Finally I just removed it from my disk and then went to rpmfind.  That 
provided me with the necessaries, and now I have a working version.  But I 
started off trying to follow the install instructions, and it was a disaster. 
 I nearly gave up (well, I did give up on the process...)

The Squeak 3.0 greeting screen is pretty, but doesn't give a newcomer much 
idea of where to go and what to do.  Squeak 2.5 was much better.  Morphic is 
worth being proud of, but either the tutorials need to reflect it, or, 
possibly better, the initial screen should look more like that of Squeak 2.5, 
and the "World of Squeak" should be first called from a workspace window, and 
later a part of the introductions should tell how to set it as the default 
first screen.  This would give people a workable intro without reducing the 
power or convenience.  (If I hadn't previously briefly looked at Squeak 2.5 
I'd really have been lost.)

I can't talk about the tutorials yet, as I'm not through my first one.  But 
consider including them with the distribution (and callable from within 

It is a weakness of the Win95 Squeak implementation that the screen cannot be 
resized.  Presumably there is some programmatic way to do this, but if the 
containing window is resized, then ideally the colored backgrounds, and the 
size of the working surface would be resized.

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