BUG: 2.3 gamma: HandMorph>>generateDropFilesEvent:

Sean Charles scharles at nildram.co.uk
Sun Apr 7 20:52:17 UTC 2002

I recently updated to 3.2 gamma, changeset up to 4811 and moved my PalmOS
GUI tool across and the following happened:

1) FillInTheBlankMorph: slight changes caused me to make a small change to
my code to stay in line with the latest code (setQuery:...changed signature)

2) Ther is *still* a problem dropping files from outside. I drag files,
currently .RCP (PilRC scripts), into my Squeak to get them parsed and
displayed but it still breaks in:


I posted a fix on my websit () but I'll state it again here: when you have
an InfiniteForm on the desktop i.e. a nice picture to look at, the following
code breaks:

 dragType = 1
      ifTrue: ["experimental drag enter"
           owner borderWidth: 4;
           borderColor: owner color negated]. <<<<< BREAKS HERE

It breaks because 'owner color' answers 'InfiniteForm' and that doesn't do
'negated'. The dead simple fix is to change it to this:
            borderColor: owner color dominantColor negated].

and all is well. I have had to do this at least since 2.8 as far as I can
remember. I guess it's my fault for lurking so long and keeping it to

Sean Charles.

| When it all seems to much, just look at the monitor
| for what it is...a piece of glass. Shatter those bugs!

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