[Ann][Goodie] SVI -- a VI for Squeak.

Steve S sps2000 at mail.com
Mon Apr 8 00:49:21 UTC 2002

SVI is modelled on VIM. I realize that for some people, this may be an
appauling thought. VI for Smalltalk has the ring of an oxymoron. But for
those who understand the power of the dot...

SVI features extensive support for modes normal (aka command), insert,
select, and visual. It also has full undo/redo support, the repeat last
edit command (the dot), macro recording, the ability to remap key
bindings (to multikey bindings, if desired), marks (which can be used to
navigate from method to method), registers, etc. Nearly all of the
squeak commands you are used to are implemented as well (do it, print
it, autocomplete, etc), using the keybindings you are used to, and most
of these commands work in all of the SVI modes.

Included in the changset are an SVIBrowser, SVIPackagePaneBrowser, and
SVIWorkspace.  (They just override the method that instantiates the
PluggableTextMorph to use PluggableSVIMorph instead). There is also an
SVIFileList, which is a version of FileList2. There is a bit more to
SVIFileList than just the substitution of PluggableSVI for
PluggableText. A method has been added to Transcript so that you can
open an SVI transcript.

Sorry, SVI only works in Morphic at this time.

There are versions of SVI available for 3.2gamma (changeset #4811), and
for the the 3.3 image with updates up to #4798 (a modulized version). It
has been tested on Linux and Windows (nt 4.0 and 98). The changeset is
large (~450k unzipped), so it is not posted here. I could not get an
image segment going, sorry, but I hope to have one ready for the final
3.2 release when it comes. 

To try out SVI, or just browse the documentation, see

Enjoy. Long live the dot!

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