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Mon Apr 8 08:54:04 UTC 2002

Charles Hixson <charleshixsn at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 April 2002 17:46, you wrote:
> > On Saturday, March 30, 2002, at 01:08 PM, Serg Koren wrote:
> > > ... That
> > said, we could always use some better beginner documentation. ideally
> > put from the perspective of the newbie.  Perhaps Serg will undertake the
> > journey and contribute the same.
> Well, yes, but...
> The Windows install works fine, at least on Win95, but I never did get the 
> tarball install working on Linux... kept missing libraries that I couldn't 
> find.  Finally I just removed it from my disk and then went to rpmfind.  That 
> provided me with the necessaries, and now I have a working version.  But I 
> started off trying to follow the install instructions, and it was a disaster. 
>  I nearly gave up (well, I did give up on the process...)

Linux etc can be tricky depending on distro, which Squeak package you
use etc.
But there are easy installs in Linuxland too - installing the
.deb-pakcages on my
Debian machine was very easy.


> It is a weakness of the Win95 Squeak implementation that the screen cannot be 
> resized.  Presumably there is some programmatic way to do this, but if the 
> containing window is resized, then ideally the colored backgrounds, and the 
> size of the working surface would be resized.

Eh... I run Squeak at home on a Win98 machine and I can resize the
window -
I think I have been able to do that since the beginning of time. Or

Perhaps I didn't understand what you meant...

regards, Göran

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