Mailarchives? (was Re: Data based applications)

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Mon Apr 8 16:39:29 UTC 2002

Avi Bryant <avi at> wrote: 
> > I have actually
> > been lobbying about hooking up GOODS to Squeak.
> Lobbying to whom? If I had heard you, I might have done it sooner... ;-)
> Avi
Well, the only one I could find was this:

But I have been talking about that for a loooong time, though all the
searchable archives of Squeak seems to be pretty poor at searching that
far back... Too bad. That is a problem I think.

We ought to have a FULL archive of the list - there are so much valuable
stuff passing by.
Does anyone have a full archive? Together with Scott Crosbys searching
stuff and a touch of Seaside/SqueakDot we ought to be able to whip up a
reasonable archive.

regards, Göran

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