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>Ah yes, Squeak is a different critter.

>The solution to your problem is to launch Squeak, then ALT-O for the
>morph selector, then select FreeCell from the games table and run it.
>Most every modern version of the Image has FreeCell installed.  Enjoy.

>The Squeak VM loads a smalltalk image into RAM and begins executing the
>Smalltalk code in that image.  In some operating systems,
>double-clicking a text file associated with Squeak will cause Squeak to
>load an image (or its default image) and then "fileIn" the text file.
>This in turn can, but ordinarily will not, begin executing an

>Given a new changefile with an application not already in the image, you
>would start Squeak, fileIn the application, and follow the instructions
>in the changeset for running the application.  There are many ways to
>automate an app to be double-clickable from the native OS desktop, but
>this will not, in general work unless the changeset was specially set up
>to do so.

Thanks. We shall keep your comments in consideration previous the release of
our Fuzzy Set Collaborative Project which we estimate will be available
sometime near December 28th.

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