PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at rogers.com
Tue Apr 9 02:39:52 UTC 2002


	Please find attached SqMRelease.zip, which contains 'SqM.exe',
'SqMOM.dll' and 'install.ini'.

		1/- SqM crashed in SoundPlugin.
		2/- Missing entries for 'Mpeg3Plugin' and
'Win32OSProcessPlugin' added to SqM.ini

		1/- SqMOM is now separated from SqM. 
		(internally known as SqPOP, metaProtoObjectProxy :-).

		2/- 'Better' refactored elsewhere. 
		(have a look at 'Smalltalk listLoadedModules').

	Sorry, you need to 'uninstall', everything, extract this zip
file and start afresh.

	If you want to use 'B3DAcceleratorPlugin.dll', please move the
official version out of the path. A compatible version will be
downloaded to SqMOM.

	Please try to crash it.



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