[Squeak] Newbie permutations

Michael Grant mwgrant2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 06:52:52 UTC 2002

Hello everyone.

I don't know if this is the correct forum but I can
find no other mailing list so here goes (at 3:00am):

I need a Smalltalk 'AHA!' moment.

The following expression (Squeak 3.0)writes the
permutations of
#(1 3 5) to the Transcript as expected:

#(1 3 5) permutationsDo: [:each | Transcript cr;
                                  show: each

However, I can not figure out how to save the
permutations to a
variable, say 'Foo', with Foo having the value:

 #(#(1 3 5) #(1 5 3) #(3 1 5)...)

My efforts have typically ended up as #(nil nil ...),
or an error, or
something like #(#(1 3 5) #(1 3 5) #(1 3 5) ...)

Can someone enlighten me? It must be simple, but...

Thank you,
Michael Grant

P.S. If there is a more appropriate list for newbie
please let me know. 

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