[Ann][Goodie] SVI -- a VI for Squeak.

David Pennell dpennell at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 9 13:05:19 UTC 2002

Tim - I once heard TECO described as a language that was
undistinquishable from line noise.  I guess that was a 
real problem back before error-correcting modems, a little
burp and your whole system was gone...


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> Steve S <sps2000 at mail.com> is claimed by the authorities to 
> have written:
> > SVI is modelled on VIM. I realize that for some people, 
> this may be an 
> > appauling thought. VI for Smalltalk has the ring of an 
> oxymoron. But 
> > for those who understand the power of the dot...
> And in the true spirit of sharing I offer you....
> Yes at long last, a TECO for Smalltalk. Obviously, to truly 
> be in the spirit of TECO, there is
> a) no documentation whatsoever
> b) no actual code. Exercise for the student and all that.
> The only bit I can remember from my TECO using days (yes, I 
> really am that old, I had to write a thesis using it on a Tek 
> thermal printer
> terminal) was a description of an instruction I don't even 
> remember the name of:- ... this instruction does nothing. But 
> it does it *very fast*.
> tim
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