[Q] Win 3.2gamma VM and plugins

Rudi Angela olmeca at netscape.net
Tue Apr 9 21:21:20 UTC 2002

Hi, where can I download a VM for win32 (and plugins) for running a 3.2gamma image? I've looked in the 3.2 gamma directory on the uiuc ftp site, but found no VM, so I tried a 3.1 VM. But this one seems to have problems playing mp3 files: I get a walkback at #primFileValidMPEG: which triggers 'self primitiveFailed'.
I know there is nothing wrong with the mp3 file, as I'm running it from the same image on MacOSX, where it performs fine.
Any help on the very short term will be much appreciated, as I have to present this multiplatform solution tomorrow :-(

Rudi Angela

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