Squeak VM for Darwin/X11R6 for PPC?

Bruce ONeel beoneel at bluewin.ch
Wed Apr 10 11:03:35 UTC 2002

Thanks for noticing that.  Yes, I did cut and past it and
yes that's what is there now, both on the NetBSD system as well as 
my Solaris box.  Odd, the Solaris gcc was happy and so
was the 68k NetBSD one, but not the PPC NetBSD...



Peter Crowther <peter.crowther at networkinference.com> wrote:
> > From: Bruce ONeel [mailto:beoneel at bluewin.ch] 
> > The line 
> > 
> > register char * localSP SP_REG;
> > 
> > got a syntax error.
> Did you cut'n'paste that?  It's missing a comma...
> 		- Peter

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