Squeak and Java (was Request For Help : CompilerPlugin)

Sean Charles scharles at nildram.co.uk
Wed Apr 10 19:17:20 UTC 2002

PocketSmalltak is absolutely excellent except I recently tried 1.6 alpha 4
and it gave me nothing but walkbacks in the IDE, never mind anything I tried
write! I have a Sony Clie 770, hence my latest Squeak hack, a Palm GUI
designer (coming along). I thought if it's finished I'd volunteer it for
inclusion in the Squeak PST package...if I finish!

Re: PST, I tried to mail the contacts but it bounced. Any ideas on it's
current status? The web site looks the same and I downloaded the Squeak
stuff but it wouldn't even file in, I get this on other stuff to
sometimes..some error about 'doesNotUnderstand: 'Methods for stamp' or
something? Never really figured that one out. Perhaps I should have tried an
older version of Squeak?


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> "Sean Charles" <scharles at nildram.co.uk> is claimed by the authorities to
have written:
> > > Speaking about compilers and the like, I was wondering if Squeak
> > > would benefit from being run on a Java VM?
> >
> > I thought this some time ago but actually considered that it would be
> > to run Java under Squeak by translating JVM bytecodes to ST-80.
> PocketSmalltalk is able to do that, making (surprise!) PocketJava.
> tim
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