Squeak and Java (was Request For Help : CompilerPlugin)

Jon Hylands jon at huv.com
Wed Apr 10 19:49:42 UTC 2002

At Wednesday, 10 April 2002, you wrote:

>Re: PST, I tried to mail the contacts but it bounced. Any ideas on it's
>current status? The web site looks the same and I downloaded the Squeak
>stuff but it wouldn't even file in, I get this on other stuff to
>sometimes..some error about 'doesNotUnderstand: 'Methods for stamp' or
>something? Never really figured that one out. Perhaps I should have 
tried an older version of Squeak?

The Squeak version of PST never really worked at all. Eric had it 
working on an image he had, but he never got it properly set up for 

He was doing some pretty complex stuff with environments to have 
separate namespaces in Squeak, so the PST code could be in its own 
environment, but there were issues.

Pretty much everyone who does work with PST uses the latest Dolphin 


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