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Michael Conlen meconlen at obfuscated.net
Wed Apr 10 20:27:13 UTC 2002

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> Boy, if ideology doesn't divide us, now we are moving on to fundamental
> religious tenets.  I am reminded, however, of a wonderful story.
> I have now attended for many years Glenn Tenny's Hackers/Think
> Conference.  Quite happy that Glenn moved from a strictly
> invitation-only affair to one where past invitees may invite worthies as
> "buddies" on a one-time only basis.  My buddy the year before last was a
> brilliant-but-very-young technologist, Michael Conlen, who I had hired a
> few years earlier in my former life as a dot-com CTO.  Mike was thrilled
> at an opportunity to meet the luminaries who routinely attended the
> conference.
> Michael was certainly worthy of the invite, but was dramatically star
> struck, at least at first.  As we arrived at the hotel, none other than
> Professor Knuth came by and greeted me by name (more from familiarity
> with my controversial legal year-in-review presentations than my
> technical cred).  I introduced him to young Mike and Don (who is quite
> tall), hovered over Michael and asked, with his informal yet incisive
> eyes appearing to peering directly through Mike, "what do you do?"
> Mike tried the line that got him his job during his interview with me,
> when I asked him what he considered the most important programmer's
> tool: "anything I can do with VI."
> Don replied, "I prefer emacs," turned on his heels and walked briskly
> away.
> To the best I can discern, Mike's mouth is still frozen ajar.

And despite Don Knuth being a major hero of mine who inspired me to write
correct software I still use vi. In case your wondering Don and I had a
civil conversation later durring the conference.

I just hope that the vi port to Squeak is not vim... ...port emacs all you
want, just no vim, please :)

Groove On Dude
Michael Conlen
Obfuscated Networking
meconlen at obfuscated.net

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