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John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed Apr 10 22:52:13 UTC 2002

>Ned Konz wrote:
>>  On Wednesday 10 April 2002 01:44 pm, Charles Hixson wrote:
>>  > Request:  How do I break a Squeak program caught in this kind of
>>  > loop? In this case killing the program didn't cause me any harm,
>>  > but in other cases ....
>>  Did Alt-. work at all?
>>  I've wanted to have a way to break into the Emergency Evaluator from
>>  time to time; I've thought that I could make Shift-Alt-. do this. Of
>>  course, then you need good things you can say to the Emergency
>>  Evaluator.
>That would be nice to have shift-alt-. or some other key combination 
>bring up the emergency evaluator.  (Doesn't VisualWorks support 
>something like this?)

Ah, if you visit
	"Wait for user interrupts and open a notifier on the active 
process when one occurs."

	[true] whileTrue: [
		InterruptSemaphore wait.
		Display deferUpdates: false.
		Smalltalk at: #SoundPlayer ifPresent: [:theClass | 
theClass shutDown].
		Smalltalk handleUserInterrupt]

Then you could do something different if the shift key was down? 
Perhaps in handleUserInterrupt of course...
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