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Göran Hultgren gohu at
Wed Apr 10 21:52:02 UTC 2002


--- Charles Hixson <charleshixsn at> wrote:
> At this point, these blue bars showed up at the left hand side of the 
> screen.  And Squeak hung.
> I couldn't get out without using the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del).
> The congratulations are because ONLY Squeak hung.  I left it running for 
> an hour while I did other things, and the computer never froze.  On 
> Win95.  That truly rates congratulations.

Yes, Squeak as an application on top of an OS is very stable. I am not sure but I can't recall
that I have ever managed to hang any OS that I have used it on (extensively Linux, NT4 and Win98),
and this goes back to version 2.4 and up.

And IN Squeak most things are also solid - of course, it blows up here and there but Squeak ITSELF
(as an environment) manages mostly to stay out of harm. The last weeks I have dabbled quite a lot
with concurrent programming and popping up debuggers to the left and right and sure, sometimes it
goes bad but quite seldom.

regards, Göran

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