Problem and Congratulations

Ned Konz ned at
Thu Apr 11 01:34:37 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 10 April 2002 02:54 pm, Doug Way wrote:

> One extra "good thing" you could do in the Emergency Evaluator in
> these situations might be to start up the CPUWatcher (a.k.a.
> PigWatcher).  This could be useful if you have a
> higher-priority-than-UI process running amok, in which case alt-.
> doesn't help you.  (I assume the shift-alt-. would be detected at a
> higher level than UI processes.)  You could even have a special
> keyword (like "revert" currently is) in the emergency evaluator for
> this.

Or just remember
CPUWatcher startMonitoring

but I like having some kind of list of popular possibilities or 
something there.

Ned Konz

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