[ERROR} Filelist on SqueakDotOrg

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Apr 11 04:16:12 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 09 April 2002 09:26 am, Frank Caggiano wrote:
> Hello
> When I open a filelist on SqueakDotOrg I get an 'Error:
> UndefinedObjects are not indexable' in a walkback. When I press
> abandon another walkback window pops up with the same error. This
> goes on and on .... The only way I've been able to get out of it is
> to close the image without saving.
> This is with 3.2gamma 4811 on a windoz98 box.
> Two questions, why the error in the first place and how can I get
> rid of the walkback without shutting down Squeak? Thanks.

Answer one: because the instance variable "user" is nil and no one 
wrapped any kind of exception handling around the FTP, nor checked 
for the user being set.

The problem is apparently that that server is a http server (at least 
the type is set to #http) and they're trying to do an FTP transfer, 
and using a nil user.

If you set the user instvar to a string (say 'anonymous') and 
continue, it asks for a password and then gives a 550 error saying 
that /Squeaklets wasn't found. Not that that directory seems to be 
available via http either.

So to get out: when the debugger is popped up, click on the first 
frame that says ServerDirectory>>openNoDataFTP, then in the lower 
left hand panel, choose user, and in the panel directly to its right 
type in 'anonymous' (with the quotes) and accept it (alt-s or cmd-s). 
Now hit the "restart" button, and maybe "proceed" (depending on how 
you have your debugger set up). It shouldn't bug you any more.

Then post a [BUG] report, perhaps with a title something like:

[BUG] ServerDirectory instance for squeak.org has nil user

and describe the problem(s). Though you've posted your message to the 
list, the automated mail list harvesting tools spot the special 
subject string [BUG].

Ned Konz

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