[ENH]Shared streams (v 0.9)

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Fri Apr 12 07:28:21 UTC 2002

Dan Ingalls <Dan at SqueakLand.org> wrote:
> "David T. Lewis" <lewis at mail.msen.com>  wrote...
> >By the way, I remember being very surprised when I went looking for
> >a FIFO class, and the only thing I could find in the image was a
> >SharedQueue. Somehow I had expected that this was one of the fundamental
> >things that would just be there.
> It is.
> >Maybe lots of folks write little hacks
> >like InternalPipe.
> This is what OrderedCollection addFirst: and removeLast are made for.

With all due respect (ehrm, it's not often you get to correct Dan) -
OrderedCollection is not safe for multiple Processes - though it can be
used as a single Process FIFO, that is correct. InternalPipe (and my
classes just posted) are meant for multiple Processes - even multiple

The classside examples in SharedBufferStream and especially
SharedBidirectionalStream (which I am realy proud of - the "twisted pair
design" with #otherEnd is kind of really nifty I think) demonstrates

regards, Göran

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