Dictionary keys that exist but can't be found

Tim Olson tim at jump.net
Fri Apr 12 12:23:15 UTC 2002

>	IdentityDictionary is what you want to use.  It will allow 
>Associations to be keys in just the way you want.
>	The changes you are suggesting to Association #= and #hash 
>are ill-advised.

Thanks for the info.  But at least in my case, I can't use an 
IdentityDictionary, because the Associations I was using for keys were 
built on the fly, and I needed equality comparison, not identity 

I was actually using Association because it was an existing class with 
two inst vars (holding two values and equality comparison was all the 
behavior I required). I ended up wrapping my two values in an Array and 
using that as the key, instead.

     -- tim

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