[updates] 11 for 3.3alpha

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Sat Apr 13 05:56:23 UTC 2002

Folks - 

I have just forwarded 11 updates for 3.3alpha to the servers.

Summaries below.

	- Dan
4817listToClipboard-nk -- Ned Konz, Scott Wallace -- 26 March 2002
Adds 'copy list to clipboard' and 'copy selection to clipboard' commands to the halo menu on PluggableListMorphs."

4818MthFinder-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 1 April 2002
Add the selectors #asWords and #threeDigitName to the list that the MethodFinder uses.  
	-125 asWords
'negative one hundred twenty-five'
It used to say 'a negative three', so I removed the 'a ' from the front.  Had to fix the SUnit test case for TestRunner in Integer also."

4819paintDup-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 1 April 2002
The paint-invoking icon was appearing twice in searches in the Objects tool; it emerges that this bug arrived in 4475Stack-OM2; fixed by this update"

4820GregorianCleanup-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 27 March 2002
Introduces a method Date>>dayMonthYearDo:
which allows code to use nicely named variables for day, month, and year, instead of pulling apart the tuple returned by asGregorian.  asGregorian remains for compatibility, but its former senders have been cleaned up using the new method.
Also introduces Date>>daylightSavingsInEffect which can be useful.

4821EnablementWithArgs -- Dan Ingalls -- 5 April 2002
Generalizes menu enablement to allow use of the item arguments
by using an enablementSelector that takes arguments.

4822catCompat-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 8 April 2002
Adds a compatibility method that allows one to create fileouts with class-definitions that will have appropriate category designations whether loaded into a premodule or module-aware image.  The allows us to avoid the annoyance of having inappropriate system category names applied to new classes that are defined in fileouts retrofitted from 3.3x back to 3.2x, though at the price of manually editing the fileouts.

4823stackTools-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 8 April 2002
Simplifies and reduces the Stack Tools flap considerably.  Radical stack redesign is underway, but for the time being, items that were in the Stack Tools flap that were simply too hard or confusing to use, or too buggy in their implementations, are now removed.  To put an item onto a stack background, you must now first drop it where you want it, *then* use the stack/cards halo submenu to deploy it to the background and possibly have it hold separate data for each card instance.
Adds a scrolling text field to the Stack Tools flap.
Adds a Stack-help item to the Stack Tools flap."

4824closeBoxInMenu-nk -- Ned Konz -- 6 April 2002
This changes the stay-up look of titled MenuMorphs
to more closely match the style of the SystemWindows.
Morphic only."

4825FixDST-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 April 2002
Fixes a bug in daylightSavingsInEffect, and adds a more precise method, daylightSavingsInEffectAtStandardHour: hour.
The could be better factored, but at least they work, and I have now tested them pretty well.

4826FTPput-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 11 April 2002
Trying to improve the performance of FTP ServerDirectory putFile:named:.  Discovered that the file is read from the disk, as a big chunk, while the FTP connection is open.  I moved it up to before the open."

4827CloseBoxInMenu2-nk -- Ned Konz -- 11 April 2002
11 April:
* Changed title font back to standard menu font per Dan
6 April:
* suppressed unnecessary icons when menus didn't have stay-up items.
* got rid of dependency on ComicBold font
4 April:
* fixed compatibility with 3.3
3 April:
* fixed problem with MVCMenuMorph>>informUserAt:during:
2 April:
* Made height of title bar the same height as the window
title bars
31 Mar:
* Changed font to regular window title font.
* Made balloon help only appear if novice mode.
This changes the stay-up look of titled MenuMorphs
to more closely match the style of the SystemWindows.
Morphic only.

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