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Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Sat Apr 13 14:07:11 UTC 2002

John M McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com> said:
>[...] it was dreadfully slow and they found as 
>pointed out here the Java VM does not lend itself to supporting other 
It is slow, and indeed the Java VM is only good at supporting Java.

>Now since we are discussing this, I'll point out the target really 
>should be the .NET VM where smallscript for example is running. I 
>believe David challenged us oh a year or two back to port Squeak to 
>that platform.
But why would one swap a perfectly acceptably working VM that one has total
control over, that ports to a *HUGE* number of machines (an order of magnitude
more than where .NET is available, I think), and that is self-hosted to boot?
I don't see any benefits. None at all.

(my personal opinion is that Dave sold his soul to Bill Gates and is now
trying to convince the world that .NET will bring world peace, or something
like that. By the time that .NET is running on 30 platforms and there are two
or three open source implementations in wide use, it might be an idea. But at
the moment, it is a completely stupid idea - if you want to have a .NET
smalltalk, use SmallScript).

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