Succesfull font-support on Win98

Maarten Maartensz maartens at
Sat Apr 13 17:53:12 UTC 2002

Hello all,

Today I installed Henrik Gedenryd's high quality font support for  Squeak
(which you can find in Projects on the Swiki), and since he wrote in his
explanatory notes:

"I'd like to hear about successful use on non-Mac platforms."

I affirm gladly it installed unproblematically as instructed on Squeak
3.2gamma #4823 on Windows98. And the Squeak I mostly run now looks a lot
better and is much easier on my eyes (that are less good than I wish).

So this is MUCH recommended, and I owe a big thank you to Henrik: At least
MY eyes are very much pleased by this.
(On my site in the Squeak-section there is a more extensive note dated
April 13 2002, and I mention two minor quirks, probably both in the File
List utility and not in Henrik's code, and neither serious. Briefly: The
File In tab didn't work, and the ProgressIndicator wasn't updated.)



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