Productivity comparison (Was Re: Function point counting)

David Salamon david at
Sat Apr 13 21:04:31 UTC 2002

On 4/13/02 1:23 PM, "Ned Konz" <ned at> wrote:
> My impression of function point analysis is that it's of most interest
> to MIS types interested in scheduling "resources" [1] for big data
> processing projects. I mean, really: count input files, output files,
> etc... for most more modern project estimation I would think you'd be
> more interested in "feature points", whose advocates claim are a
> better metric of project complexity on non-standard-DP projects.

It is actually the amount of code per feature point I am interested in, but
this seemed to be covered mostly on function point web sites. I am mainly
looking for an accurate productivity/clarity/quality comparison between
    I think the whole scheduling resources thing ultimately boils down to
wasting as little time as possible, and to my eye, that¹s a good thing (As
for how they peruse this goal...)

David Salamon

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